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What is a Hawaii Reverse Mortgage:

A Reverse Mortgage is a government insured loan which allows Hawaii homeowners, age 62 and over to convert a portion of their home equity into tax-free cash—without having to sell their home, give up title, or make monthly “mortgage” payments. In fact, the homeowner could opt to “receive” a monthly payment instead of making one. The loan becomes due when the last borrower permanently leaves the home. The home can be passed on to the heirs.

Pay Expenses or Repairs on a Home

A mortgage refinance Hawaii loan is always an option that will allow someone who owns a home to convert the portion of their home that they would like to turn into cash to sell the home without actually making a payment to a mortgage company. The loan will only become valid when the last person listed as a borrower actually leaves home...read more.

Reverse Mortgages if You're 62 or Over

If you are 62 or over, own your home with adequate equity, and would like to eliminate your mortgage payment, or draw on your equity without a monthly payment, credit score or income qualifications, then perhaps you should consider reverse mortgage lenders Hawaii to help you accomplish just that!  A Hawaii reverse mortgage could be just the ticket that you need to enjoy a brighter future in your golden years.  If you’re looking for some extra spending money each month or looking to put that money aside for a rainy day then perhaps you should consider taking the necessary steps to get a reverse mortgage on your home...read more.

Facts About Reverse Mortgages That You Should Know

Reverse mortgages are becoming very common. Whether or not there is an active home mortgage Hawaii senior citizens are opting for reverse mortgages for the obvious advantages that are in the offing. Many Hawaii home mortgage companies are venturing into reverse mortgages which means you get more choices than what have been available until now. However, before you opt for any reverse home mortgage Hawaii company, you should know a few facts that are not widely known...read more.

Reverse Home Mortgages in Hawaii

There are many reasons why you may want to take out a home loan.  But the type of home loan you are interested in depends on many different factors.  Some are offered through private mortgage lenders and others are federally funded through the FHA.  For those of you who are 62 years old and older, there is a federally backed program that allows you to take out a line of credit on your home without having to make monthly payments to repay your loan.  You only repay your loan when you sell your home or pass on...read more.

Hawaii Reverse Mortgages with Harbor Financial Group

Reverse mortgages are a great way to get money quickly and are an effective tool that can be used for individuals that meet the necessary qualifications. Reverse mortgages are not for everyone, but an FHA Mortgage Hawaii company such as Harbor Financial Group – Your Aloha Mortgage Solution, has trained professionals that are knowledgeable and can determine if a reverse mortgage is the right option for you. As with any type of mortgage, there are both advantages and disadvantages to reverse mortgages. However, having a mortgage quotes Hawaii offer can be helpful in enabling you to make an informed decision. Harbor Financial Group – Your Aloha Mortgage Solution has the lowest mortgage rate Hawaii offers and are FHA Mortgage Hawaii Insured...read more.

Hawaii Reverse Mortgages with Aloha Mortgage Solutions

Given the current state of the economy, many people are beginning to utilize the reverse mortgage as a viable option, in comparison to past years.  Not only are home owners now able to take out a line of credit on some the equity of their home, but they are under no contractual regulations to make monthly payments to the lender.  Harbor Financial Group – Your Aloha Mortgage Solutions is among one of the few companies in Hawaii that grant home owners the option of a reverse mortgage...read more.

Reverse Home Mortgages in Hawaii

There are a lot of people who are still afraid to throw their hats back into the housing market and with good reason.  The housing market is said to be on the incline again, but people are rationally hesitant to risk the loss to their most valuable asset again.  But if you are over the age of 62 living in Hawaii, you may qualify for a reverse home mortgage in Hawaii that will put money in your pocket that you won’t have to pay back until you move or die...read more.

Reverse Mortgages

Purchasing a home is a huge investment, but a wise one. Once you own your home or have paid it down some, you can borrow against your equity in times of need. Once we retire we have to live on a fixed income. This income might be a combination of your life savings, some type of retirement package (401K or pension), and social security. Many people save for years in the hopes to retire comfortably, but what happens if you become ill and have to pay a small fortune in medical expenses, or the money that you thought was enough did not go as far as you needed? These are scary thoughts, but the good news is there is something called a Reverse Mortgage...read more.

Reverse Mortgages in Hawaii

Hawaii reverse mortgage can help you completely eliminate your mortgage monthly payments and if you meet the guidelines you may be able to receive tax free cash instead of making a payment. The great thing is this cash can be used for whatever you choose. Approval does not currently require credit qualification nor will you have to prove your income through documentation (except under certain circumstances.. You still retain the ownership of your home, and passing it on to your heirs is no problem...read more.

Hawaii Reverse Mortgage Benefits

Close to a million homeowners nationwide have opted for a reverse mortgage and that has certainly not happened without a horde of reasons and the due diligence on the part of the senior homeowner. With reverse mortgage Hawaii senior citizens can unlock their hard-earned equity gaining access to some much needed cash which can be put to use in many different ways as deemed necessary...read more.

Hawaiian Reverse Mortgage

Saving money and minimizing financial stress is very important, but unfortunately, not always easy to accomplish, especially if the person is older and living on a fixed income.  Many seniors (as well as financial planners) are now considering a reverse mortgage a viable solution to provide them with extra income, thus allowing them to live comfortably throughout the remainder of their lives...read more.

Hawaiian Reverse Mortgage Fact Sheet

You may have heard about Hawaiian reverse mortgages if you are a resident of any of the islands. Hawaiian or Honolulu reverse mortgage has become extremely popular in recent years. With a plethora of advantages for senior citizens, and it is not difficult to understand why...read more.

Reverse Mortgage Lenders Hawaii

Hawaii Reverse Mortgage is a loan option that opens a lot of doors for you. This is a versatile loan available for senior citizens only. It is a tax free alternative that can really be an asset. You do not have to face the possibility of selling your home. The loan is not even due until the borrower leaves the residence for good...read more.

Rising Home Prices a Driving Force Behind Hawaii Reverse Mortgage

Hawaii Reverse Mortgage is a loan option that opens a lot of doors for you. This is a versatile loan available for senior citizens only. It is a tax free alternative that can really be an asset. You do not have to face the possibility of selling your home. The loan is not even due until the borrower leaves the residence for good...read more.

Hawaiian Reverse Mortgage Is Growing In Popularity

Thousands of families have opted for a Hawaiian reverse mortgage in 2012 and the popularity seems to have risen further in the recent months. HECM loans are one of the most hassle free propositions for any homeowner above the age of 62. With so many expenses to bear and retirement causing a dent in the earnings of most sexagenarians, Honolulu reverse mortgage or a HECM loan has emerged to be a very helpful option for many. However, what has been merely a perception till recently, is now validated by statistical evidence...read more.